10:00 AM
Three Little Pigs, September 13, 2017,  2017-2018 Augusta University Literacy Center Children's Play

Three Little Pigs

When Stanley (the cool pig on the block) is encouraged to invite Ralphie (the new sheep on the block) over for a camp out, Stanley is less than thrilled. Will a campfire story of The Three Little Pigs send Ralphie running into the night, or will Ralphie turn the tables on his "high on the hog" host? This funny, fast paced performance highlights lessons about breaking down barriers and building friendships. Appropriate for Grades Pre-K - 5th.


Porkchop Productions is dedicated to expanding artistic horizons by providing a professional, interactive theatre experience for young people and to promoting a life-long appreciation of the performing arts.

Today’s play is produced by Porkchop Productions and presented by the Augusta University Literacy Center


Literacy Center plays are free for both adults and children. For more information and to reserve seating, please call the Literacy Center at 706-737-1625.